Signature Services

At Brandon G. Thompson Funeral Home, we believe that each individual deserves an honorable and personalized final tribute, which is why we have created an array of Signature Services.  Let us handle all of the details in creating a uniquely memorable service to honor your loved one. If you would like to speak with us regarding any of our Signature Services, or have a special request, please call us at 225-567-1884 in Hammond or 985-370-9296 in Ponchatoula. We stand ready to serve you.

Balloon Release

Our funeral home will provide a bouquet of balloons in various colors according to your preferences. Some families choose elegant white, while others prefer the joy and cheerfulness of a multicolored display. As the balloons drift gently upward they leave us with an impression and memory that lasts a lifetime. Our staff will coordinate the release ceremony to occur at just the right time in the service.

Butterfly Release

At this particularly touching ceremony, butterflies are released into the air, creating clouds of fluttering color that ascend toward the heavens. The sight of these delicate creatures taking to the air is quite symbolic, and creates a lasting memory for all who witness it. We are able to coordinate every element to enhance the service.

Candlelight Ceremony

Illuminated candles display a certain ambiance that creates a calm and peaceful environment for friends and family. Each year, we hold a special service to light a candle in honor of lost loved ones. Family members are encouraged to attend this annual event because it helps those left behind express their love and honor for the deceased in a dignified and respectful manner. At our annual candlelight service, a special speaker provides guidance on coping with loss and light refreshments are                                                                                              served.

Just as candles are used in many ceremonies, we can also arrange to have candles at the visitation or memorial service that can represent something significant to the family, whether it is a religious, cultural, or sentimental preference. We welcome all special requests involving our candlelight services and other ceremonies.

Catering Service

We often arrange complete catering for attendees at the visitation, memorial service, and funeral.  Our relationships with several excellent companies allow us to provide hors d'oeuvres or buffet lunches and dinners for immediate family or all attendees.  We offer a wide selection of dishes that are appropriate for the occasion and comforting to all who share them. Our Magnolia Room, located at our Ponchatoula location provides the perfect setting for hosting gatherings and events, during and after the services. It accommodates approximately 50 people and features a Southern-style fireplace, round banquet tables and room for simple or elaborate meals. Call or stop by today for more information on our newly designed Magnolia Room!

Children's Room

A time of sorrow is particularly difficult for young children who sense the emotional environment but do not understand the disruption in their routine. At no charge, we provide a special children’s retreat – a room full of toys, games, videos, and books – that keeps children busy and happy for hours while adults gather with family and friends.

Dove Release

For millennia, the dove has been the symbol of the human soul. These elegant birds leap into the sky in a burst of energy and exuberance, reminding us of the soul’s ascent to heaven, and the abundant life that blesses each one of us. This is particularly meaningful for a graveside service. To make this event even more beautiful, our staff coordinates the release with the words of the minister or speaker at the ceremony.

Limousine Service

We provide the funeral coach for the transportation of the deceased, and our affiliations with the most professional limousine and livery services in the area allow us to secure limousines and town cars of all sizes for family and friends. Perhaps a family member or guest has to be picked up at the airport or an extra car is needed for the services. Whatever the need, we are happy to assist. Your convenience is important to us. 

Memorial Items

Many families who choose cremation wish to retain the cremated remains as a memorial and tribute to the person who has passed away. It is fitting to keep the cremated remains in a container that can become a family heirloom through the generations. It is even more of a tribute to your loved one to select an urn that somehow memorializes a life’s interests, pursuits, and accomplishments.

We maintain a complete selection of keepsake and memorial urns, crafted of the richest materials, in designs that represent many aspects of life, including military service, religion, special interests, and professions. These may be smaller than the traditional urns and purchased additionally. As you make your plans for the funeral service, ask to see this important collection of beautifully crafted memorial items.

Memory Tables

These provide a truly touching form of remembrance. We assemble a display of cherished objects and personal possessions that help to tell the story of the life of your loved one. One of our personal funeral counselors can make recommendations to help you choose the items that make for the most personal kind of remembrance. And, we take care of arranging the objects in the most attractive manner.

Military Honors

To honor a person’s service in defense of our freedoms, we frequently arrange for our nation’s veterans to be commemorated with special military observances. Depending on the branch of service, military detachments may provide a color guard, musicians, gun salute, or even a flyover. We have contacts with all branches of the military, so the proper arrangements can be made easily and efficiently.

Unique Music Selection

We think music at a funeral is one of the most personal tributes. Often, families make the event even more meaningful with live music at the service. Consider going beyond the traditional recorded music, the organist or bagpiper, and allow us to suggest harpists, string quartets, vocalists, or other instrumentalists to give you service another special touch.

Online Obituaries

Our website offers families the ability to post the story of a life on the World Wide Web, making it available to those who live far from us. This service allows distant friends and relatives to participate in the mourning process, to write online condolences and recollections, and to say their own farewells to the person who has passed away. If desired, the messages can be read aloud during the funeral service.

Remembrance Jewelry

There are many lasting keepsakes available in the form of jewelry so that the memory of a loved one can be cherished forever. If cremation is chosen, we can arrange for a small portion of the cremated remains to be enclosed in a decorative piece of jewelry or other remembrance item.

Another jewelry memento can be created by transferring the fingerprint of the deceased onto a wax mold, which is then used to create an exact 14K gold or sterling silver casting of the print. This unique charm can be worn on a necklace or bracelet and treasured for generation to come. Ask us about other meaningful types of remembrance jewelry that honor a lost loved one.

Remembrance Keepsakes

As a lasting tribute to your loved one, we can arrange to have a number of remembrance keepsakes personalized for you. Items such as bookmarks, memory folders, candles, and remembrance cards can be personalized with a photo of your loved one, important dates, and an inspirational quote. Ask us about the beautiful ways to keep the memory of your loved one close to your heart.