Monument Styles

Upright Headstones

Upright headstones are traditionally crafted from granite and have flat fronts that stand perpendicular to the ground. They are generally placed atop a base unit to raise them off the ground. Traditional headstones are square in shape and have a serpentine, oval, straight, or roof top, and are used for gravestone markers or memorial monuments. 

They can be all polished, or may have rock pitch sides and top, and are available in individual and companion styles. The possibilities are endless when it comes to specialty shapes, designs, and finishes, allowing you to give your loved one a unique memorial with a personal touch. 


Slants have earned their name because they typically have a slanted front. They are crafted from granite and are lower to the ground than traditional upright headstones. They can be set directly on the footer at ground level or atop a base, and come in both individual and companion styles.  

The face of a slant is traditionally polished and the sides and front nose usually have a natural rock appearance. As with upright memorials, the monument designs and finishing options can be tailored to your own specification. 

Flat Granite Markers

A grave marker's traditional function is to simply mark a grave. Flat markers are usually rectangular and flush with the ground so that cemetery mowers can ride freely over them without damaging them.  Grave markers are usually made of granite, but are also available in bronze.  

Although marker style options are limited, they are a very dignified and respectable way to mark a loved one's grave. They are available in an array of granite colors, and have virtually unlimited engraving options.